Sunday, September 9, 2018

Long Journey

So we left at 5:20pm on Friday and arrived in Paris at 8:30am on Saturday. Then took a train to Lyon, and transferred to a train to Montpellier. Then bought a TER train ticket to Agde. We arrived in Agde at 5:30pm. Long, long day. Our host was so nice she picked us up at the train station and took us to her condo in Cape D'agde. The condo is really nice and we have a great view of the sea. The only negative things are, the patio door takes a 1000 pounds of force to open and the wifi is terrble. I am tethering off my phone data to blog right now

We walked 10.1 miles today just checking the place out. It's a lot bigger than we expected. They have two large pedestrian area. The pedestrian area by the port is HUGE. It's bigger than the pedestrian area in Nice, France.

More tomorrow!

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